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Sunday, November 20, 2005

I rarely post these days. Anyone notice that? No? Aww. I mean to. Just as I always have, I think of things to say on here, but then I never get to it. I waste my time in other ways. I'm also thinking of abandoning my blog and posting only to my livejournal from now on. I'm not sure if I should go ahead with that, like so many others have. On the one hand, I feel a sense of loyalty to my blog; I've had it for, what five years now? But livejournal is convenient. Most convenient is the friends page, so I feel that if I'm to read the friends page, I should contribute to someone else's friends page. But since I update so rarely, I might as well just post to both. For now, at least.

My birthday was decent, yet wildly uneventful. I got some nice things and had some nice birthday dinners. I'm 26 now. That feels weird to me. Weird to say and weird to be. Am I an old lady now? I really hope not. Being in classes filled with 20-year olds isn't helping me to feel young, either. Time, subtle thief of youth.*

I'm all registered for the spring semester. I dearly hope I can get an internship for the spring. I hope like crazy that I can do that. So far, I've had two interviews, but I have yet to hear back from either one; they should have their decisions pretty soon. And I have another interview lined up for December 1st. Hopefully some more of the places I recently applied to will want to talk to me as well. Strangely, I felt very calm and relaxed during my interviews; the nerve-wracking part is waiting to hear from them and wondering whom I'm up against.

Speaking of nervousy feelings, last night, I had two bad dreams. "Nightmare" seems like too strong a word for them. In the first, I learned that my cat, Wally, has ADHD. We took him to the private school for little girls (like in that Madeleine cartoon) that was just down the road from my house. It was called Dorothy's Prep School for Little Girls or something like that. So my uncle and I took Wally there, because it was the closest place to home, and this mildly attractive guy dressed all in black looked over Wally and ran some tests on him. Even though he was something like a school psychologist for little girls, we thought he'd know what was wrong with Wally. So one of the tests involved holding Wally over a bunch of cards with words on them and having Wally point to the cards in a certain order. From this, he learned that Wally had ADHD, because a person with ADHD would say a sentence like, "I pledge allegiance to the flag," and think that they made that line up on their own, and a person without ADHD would know they were quoting something. I guess Wally pointed to the cards in an order that made up a quote, and the guy thought Wally was attempting to make up something original. So I was super concerned, because I thought Wally would forget who I was (Yes, people, I know ADHD is nothing like that), and I voiced my concerns with the guy who had nothing comforting to say. But in the dream Wally was the same as ever, and I thought there was something wrong with him only because I was told there was. I bet there's a message in that. {g} Gaw, I spent enough time writing that out. :p

The other bad dream had to do with me taking the CPA exam and not knowing any of the answers. Not only that, I and some people from my accounting classes were taking all four parts at once, and I thought I was awesome enough not to need to prepare. But when we gathered in my living room to take it, I didn't know very many of the answers at all. Many of them had to do with yarn and questions about knitting. I felt like I knew about the knitting, but none of the answers I came up with corresponded to any of the multiple choice questions. So after completing the first part, I went to my accounting professor who was the one giving the test, and I told him I couldn't finish the test and that I would study for it or take a CPA exam course and try again in the fall.

Huge personal achievement: last weekend, I finished knitting a pair of socks. They are very warm. I am wearing them right now. They were done in cheap yarn, but I am far from a yarn snob and were made in 3x3 spiral ribbing. I am pleased. My next project will be a simple sweater, but I need to buy yarn before I can begin.

I haven't seen Harry Potter yet, and I'm not sure which day I can do that. It all depends on whether I wait til Nathan can see it with me or whether I choose to see it right away with my uncle. Hm. :

*I won't lie to y'all. I heard that line on Frasier, during my Frasier-obsessed teen years.

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