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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Woo. I am so bored that I'm actually posting something. Wee-oo.

No one remembers my last post, but I feel the need to follow up on a part of it. I mentioned a little something about going to a holiday dinner at the house of one of the people I do work study for. It turned out to be really nice and cozy. I was nervous about going, but I had a good time, and the food was really good. I'm very glad I went.

The semester is now over, obviously, and three out of five of my grades have been posted. This means that I am now halfway to my degree. Three semesters down and three to go.

I got an internship! It's at the place that was my first choice. It's a small place near home and school, and everyone is nice. I start next week, and I'll be working for ten hours each week, for now, anyway. I'm happy, excited, nervous, and eager about it.

I saw Chronicles of Narnia a couple weeks ago, and I think it was quite nicely done and faithful to the book.

I was touched and flattered last week, when I came in to do work study, and someone I work with gave me a very cool present. A Mega Man action figure. :) I must pick up a little something nice for him in New York this weekend, if possible.

Christmas and Christmas Eve were nice. Some things I got:
- Arrested Development Season 1
- Brady Bunch Seasons 2, 3, and 4 (apparently, my mom would have bought me the first season as well, but it wasn't in stock at the time)
- Michael Nesmith CDs (shut up, I asked for them specifically)
- a Perez Prado CD
- Triggers by April March
- Want Two by Rufus Wainwright
- new sheets, a comforter (in red paisley, I picked it out), and an electric blanket
- a Pac-Man ghost t-shirt, some tops, a skirt, a striped sweater, and two cardigans
- a KMart bear (I get one every year)
- a necklace and earrings
- Al Franken's new book
- a daily calendar with a knitting pattern for each day
- candy, cocoa mix, bath stuff, and other assorted things of interest

I gave my mom and Uncle John 256 Mb mp3 players, and it is my job to load them and explain how to use them. I've been putting things on my mom's since yesterday. As I write this, a Dean Martin CD is loading onto it verrrry slowly. So far, they seem like nice players, and I'm hoping they prove to be useful.

That sweater I've been knitting? So far, I've made the front and back and half of one sleeve. It's the putting it together part that I dread. I hate finishing.

I feel like I had more to say. Is this all? I always feel this way after writing something after a long period of not writing.

Ah-ha, one more thing. I got a cute Christmas card from Quinn today. Thank you! :)

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Saturday, December 10, 2005

This week is going to crush me under its weight.

But before I get into that, I want to mention that I had a good time at that thingy I talked about in my last post. The food was really great, the house was so nice and cozy with a fire place and everything, and I chatted a little with some nice people. Good job, me.

So anyway, I will give $20 (US) to anyone who wants to come here and keep me on track this week. I feel like a whiny, procrastinating crybaby, so I will throw together a list of things that are making me a whiny, procrastinating crybaby.

Yesterday: There was a snow day and no classes. While I appreciated the extra sleep, it was overall a bad thing. That day was supposed to be the last regular meeting for three of my classes. Two of which would have had information about what to study for the final. And for the third, Organizational Behavior, we were going to do an in-class final. Since there was no class, we were emailed an assignment to do and hand in this coming Wednesday. If there had been class, then that would be over and out of the way, but now I have that to work on and hand in Wednesday plus a small paper to work on and hand in Wednesday, and then there’s the group presentation for that class meeting on Wednesday. Bleh.
Monday: Cost accounting final exam
Tuesday: I offered to volunteer in Philadelphia from 10am to 1pm. After that, I will walk up to Broad Street and find a particular location, so that I know where it is for Friday. This also means that I will be outside freezing, so I will also be getting a cold on Tuesday.
Wednesday: Final exams in finance, Organizational Behavior, and Spanish. For OB, the “final” is actually a group presentation and I have those other two things to hand in that day.
Thursday: Another accounting final, and hopefully a vet appointment for David, if I can get one.
Friday: Internship interview in Philadelphia.

So what I’m saying is that I need someone to come and help me stay on track by making me study and work on the written assignments and to jab me with a fork, when I decide that I should be watching TV and knitting or spending too much time reading my LJ friends page. {cry}

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Friday, December 02, 2005

Oh, you know today started out pleasant and optimistic for me, before I began to lose faith in the world. No, it’s not over anything important. It’s just that I can’t believe that I met not one, not two, but three people who did not know what a pegasus was. Is that strange? Am I being a snobby jerkface, like I have a habit of unintentionally doing or what? You can tell me if I’m in the wrong for thinking people should know this. I am trying to be better about that kind of thing, really. But I always knew what a pegasus was. The reason was largely due to My Little Pony. You had the regular pony, the unicorn, and the pegasus. I used to wonder if they were divided into classes or were prejudiced or something. Not in those words, exactly, but y’all know the pegasus has the advantage, right? Anyway, pegasus: common knowledge or not?

I had a decent Thanksgiving, and I finally saw Harry Potter on that day. Heh, I also saw my accounting professor at the movies that day. He saw me first, actually. It was kind of amusing. Overall I really enjoyed Goblet of Fire, even though I had a few minor quibbles. My uncle hasn’t seen it yet, so I’ll probably see it with him in the coming weeks. I’d like to give it a closer look. I'd also like to see Rent, because I it was so very hyped (ten years ago), and I want to see what that was all about.

This week, I had another interview. It seemed to go well, except that I was nervous and clumsy at first and nearly missed the chair. Derr. After that, I’d like to think things picked up. I want this one more than the others. I hope I can get it. Hope for me, people! Hopehopehope.

There’s only one more regular week of classes before finals, and I’ll get to finish up super early this year. My last final will be done on the 15th. Yay!

On Sunday, all of the student workers, including myself, are invited to dinner at the house of one of the secretaries. I’m going, but I’m a little nervous. I know a couple very nice people, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t fear that I’d be all alone in the corner. I really hope that goes well.

This week, Nathan and I got from Netflix. This is an HBO documentary about Internet hate sites. It was crazyland how much this one guy reminded me/us of Tom Hanks. I’m no fan of the Hankster, but he’d better be more open-minded than that. We also watched Eraserhead, which at first really irritated me, but then I kind of got into it and enjoyed it.

And what better place to hide a secret than out in the open? I’m thinking of buying a small capacity mp3 player for my mom and Uncle John for Annual Gift-Giving Day. I’m very satisfied with my own mp3 player, but I paid a pretty good deal for it and I have a bunch of CDs. But I obviously can’t spend that kind of money on gifts for them, and they have zero CDs. I’m wondering if a 256Mb player with a radio tuner would be good for them or if it’s too small or what. Hmm.

For my Spanish I class, everyone had to do this little report/brochure and speech about the Spanish-speaking country of their choice. I chose Uruguay. I learned a little about it, and now I yearn to go there.

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