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Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

Now go here, and see Dewey's super scary Halloween costume!

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

My waiter at Ruby Tuesday's tonight reminded me of Mo Rocca.

Since we had to wait before being seated we went to that gourmet store and bought pumpkin butter and pumpkin soup mix. The pumpkin butter is good but a little runny; I hope refrigerating it will thicken it up some. I'm very excited about the pumpkin soup. It's something I've wanted to try ever since I'd heard of it years ago.

Right, so here's a lovely link for you all. This guy plays videogame music on the piano. I haven't gotten to download very much of it yet, but it's realty cool (even if you don't like videogame music...?) and extremely impressive. I think the Zelda stuff is particularly amazing. There's also Final Fantasy stuff on there for you nerdfaces. I would love it if he'd do some of the themes from Metroid. I find the music from The Legend of Zelda and Metroid to be really intense and atmospheric. For Metroid, I'm talking about a scary atmosphere. {g}

Lemme just take a minute to whine about something here. My Organizational Behavior class is very groupwork-oriented (bleh). In this case, the groups were assigned, and we had to do an in-class assignment dealing with our plans for our big project and how we were going to work together, split up work, and deal with problems. One guy on my team is always grumbling about, "let's hurry this up and get out of here," the very second we move our seats closer together to work. Now, I used to be someone who was afraid to volunteer suggestions and stuff, but I'm getting better about it. However, having someone who keeps saying that in your group kind of makes you feel like maybe your suggestions are unwanted, because who cares about anything when there's a football game tonight? One of the things we had to do was make up a team name. Our team's name is OWEN. Why? I came up with it, because it's made up of the first initial of each out our last names. Honestly, it was a very safe suggestion. Actually, it was the only suggestion. But being put in a "let's hurry the hell up" climate made me not want to suggest what I desperately wanted to call our team. :( Things would be a million times more excellent, if we could have been called the Turbo Ninjas. {sigh}

(And don't y'all tell me that's inappropriate for a business class. One of the other teams is called Big Unit.)

Okay, so out of the two or three of you who read this, have any of you ever met cool people and you kinda wished you could hang out with them but you didn't know how to go about that? I will clarify, but I don't want to say too much, because I'm a paranouid/nervous egg and want to prevent googlings and such, nor do I want to do a locked LJ entry. So at school, I'm around these two people. For the most part, we all met at the same time, give or take, and we joke around and are relaxed around each other and it's a lot of fun. However, the two of them have taken to hanging out outside of school. I feel kind of left out that they started doing that and I don't get to, y'know? They, particularly the one, might well be the closest I've ever gotten to having a college friend (not that this person is even aware of that). I stink at making friends. I don't know how it's done. I envy people who can make friends easily, I really do. I bring this up, because on Friday, person A came in and talked to me and person B. Then person A asked person B if person B wanted to do anything later on in the evening. I felt a little sad and left out because I was not asked. Of course, even if I were, I would have had to way no, because I was going to see the New Pornographers that night. But I dunno. Maybe I should just, like, initiate it my own self, since they don't make me feel nervous. Maybe? Or maybe I shouldn't worry about it at all. Blar.

So the New Pornographers were pretty excellent. My feet hurt, and that was the opposite of excellent, but they put on a really good show. It helped me to decide that "The Bleeding Heart Show" is the best track off of Twin Cinema. I bought a shirt with a panda on it. After the show, Nathan very barely caught his train. I, on the other hand, had an hour-long wait to get my bus. There was a sushi and bar place next to the venue. I thought maybe I could get some sushi, so I went inside, but they weren't serving food anymore, just drinks. So I did something I've never done before. I went to the bar and had a drink by myself. I got a long island ice tea, which was a mistake. I'm really cheap, so I wasn't very happy about paying $7 for one small drink; and the drink was very good (and I very thirsty), so I finished it very quickly. In hindsight, I should have gotten a beer, because it would have taken longer to drink and cost me a lot less. It was kind of an odd experience for me. I really never go to bars (alas), much less go to them alone. It wasn't a bad experience, certainly, but I kept comparing myself to Norm from Cheers. I was sitting there at the corner seat of the bar, hunched over my (empty) drink; Norm was an accountant, at least for part of the series, and I am a potential accountant. Weird.

Uh, so anyway...

My dog's Halloween costume will scare the hell out of you all, so look for it at the end of the month, assuming I can have it finished in time.

Another thing that will scare the hell out of you all is the documentary entitled Hell House. Please watch it, if you can. A hell house, if you don't know, is basically a haunted house set up by a church. You purchase a ticket and walk through it. The difference is that hell houses are full of scenarios that are made to realize that you're a filthy sinner and are going to hell. Unless you change. The documentary was about a Texas church and the process of setting up the hell house, from the brainstorming session and auditions all the way up through the construction and execution of it. I found it very scary and offensive. I was stunned how backwards and (often hilariously) misinformed the people who make these things can be. Nathan and I watched it Thursday night, and I thought it was so nuts that I talked Dorothea into watching it with me on Friday night. It baffles me how these people are very much against bloody horror films (that I so love), because of the violent and evil ideas therein, but they can come up with these scenes about gang rape and such. Yikes. Did I mention that they're Pentecostals? 'Cause they are. Complete with speaking in tongues. Yikes.

Oh, I should get back to work, eh?

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Monday, October 10, 2005

In lieu of writing an entry with actual content, I'm just going to do that "google '(your name) needs' thing." I shall bold the ones I like.

1. beth needs a path.
2. Beth needs to get a life of her own and she needs to
stop trying to have Sheridans life

3. Beth needs your vote at!
4. Beth needs a first-floor bedroom because her stroke has caused ongoing vision and balance problems
5. Beth needs to realize that she has a problem. ... Beth needs to look within at
what she is believing about her weight, food, and exercise.
6. Beth needs to stop it already with the lies. ... I think Beth needs to get
7. Beth's needs and the cost was yet again out of my budget.
8. Beth needs a job. Beth needs to go back to school. Beth needs to get out of the
9. Beth needs information that flows from many sources.
10. Beth needs approval and lots of it
11. Beth needs a copy of Solomon installed on her Shands computer.
12. Beth needs prayer!
13. Beth needs to set aside money for taxes.
14. Beth needs to help her get the most out of high school.
15. Beth needs as well as the need for possible follow-up surgeries
16. As part of the admissions procedure, the de Paul's assessment team used specific
tests to determine whether de Paul was a good match for Beth's needs. (I did not search for "Beth's needs"!)
17. I think Beth needs to retract her statements about not traveling to Aruba
18. Beth needs to be home with me and we need to get our family back together.
19. Beth needs to come chill. Beth will probably not. I want to be Beth's Friend.
... Beth needs to be queen. Beth will always be awesome.

20. Beth needs Jed's assistance.

I finally tried one of those lattes at Wawa. I got a caramel latte, and it really wasn't to my liking. It had a funny aftertaste, and it felt like it left a waxy coat on my tongue or something. I will try a latte of a different flavor before I write them off.

Spider Solitaire keeps kicking me in the crotch (FIGURATIVELY!). I can't even win on medium!

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Monday, October 03, 2005

I'm updating (more like "reformatting") my resume, so that it can be critiqued as part of my finance class. It's a bummer, because it reminds me of how little work experience I've had for someone my age. I've been a student worker for the past year, but I feel like they (as in hiring people) might not want to count that as "real" experience.

For quite some time now, my monitor has been in the habit of getting really dim and then brightening back to normal. But now it's staying dim and hard to read for far longer. It's no real problem in that if it konks out, I can just use Nathan's old one. But I like mine. It's bigger, and it's the one I got, when I got my first ever computer in 1998. It's seventh birthday (I mean, since I bought it) is actually at the end of this week.

Oh yeah, said the Kool Aid Man, my real point with entry this was to talk about how I saw The Baxter this past Thursday. Nolan and I finished volunteering really early and we walked on over to the Ritz to see it. I expected to like it, and I really liked it. I mean, I didn't looooove it, but I definitely thought it was a sweet, cute movie. It was funny, but I probably laugh more and louder at one episode of Stella than I did at this entire movie. But that's okay, because it really isn't that kind of movie. Michael Showalter was really fantastic, and I liked that he was a CPA. :) And I really loved David Wain and his character.

When I came home that afternoon, I checked my email and found the newest edition of my school's schooly newspaper. I was surprised to see that someone from my school actually wrote a review of The Baxter. You may find it here. While I appreciate the overall positive rating, the article pisses me big time. Don't read it unless you have seen the movie or never will see it. It's spoilery. It contains some factual errors. The absolute hugest of which would be calling David Wain's character an "ugly nerd." omgwtfokasdnfpoije0d5jdf09wurO_O I mean WHAT? I should write a rebuttal called "Wain Sexy, Critics Jealous," but y'know... The writer seemed to be most interested in Michael Ian Black. Now, hey, I love Michael Ian Black, but that's so common. {g} I was elbowing Nathan, saying, "That's Joe Lo Truglio!" Also, in watching the movie, I most identified with the baxter(s) and felt like this was a movie made for baxters. So I find it quite baffling that the writer seems to think baxters are weird. And I'm not someone who would read the dictionary, but aside from that, I don't think there was anything particularly strange or wrong with Elliot. I would totally date Elliot. Meh. At least she liked the movie.

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