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Saturday, April 08, 2006

O blog, I think this is the end for you.

From now on, people who actually read this should just check out my livejournal. I've been crossposting for so long now, and I don't wanna crosspost no more. And that site loads faster and gives me less trouble.

So go here now.

I might occasionally add to this page, but no promises.

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O blog, I think this is the end for you.

From now on, people who actually read this should just check out my livejournal. I've been crossposting for so long now, and I don't wanna crosspost no more. And that site loads faster and gives me less trouble.

So go here now.

I might occasionally add to this page, but no promises.

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Semi-biweekly entry time!

First, Nathan tagged me for this sometime ago, so I’ll get that out of the way.

What is yours?
Explain yourself
Culinary: Dipping chicken mcnuggets into hot fudge sundaes with nuts It's probably no surprise to anybody that I like almost all fast food, but this one might actually gross people out. I really like meat and chocolate (and nuts) together as one.
Literary: I paid money for and read a Saved by the Bell book First of all, I was in eighth grade. Also, it involved Kelly getting sexually harassed at her workplace. Come on!
Audiovisual: American Idol Enh, I don't know... I like picking someone to root for, and even more than that, I like hating somebody and wishing them to get thrown off each time. I just look for it and go back to it each year.
Musical: Spice Girls Meh. I liked them even when it was far more socially unacceptable to do so. I found them likable and fun is all.
Celebrity: General crazy celebrity gossip I enjoy it when celebrities do stupid things, because I get to feel smug and think, "Oh, you're really rich, but you're still so stupid that you drive with your baby on you lap!" Come on!

Now I tag:-

I didn’t tag anybody. I’m not the tagging type. I also want to add that I failed to include stuff like shows that I watch that I know are garbage, and I just yell at ‘em the entire time. This wasn’t the place for good crap/bad crap.

Okay, I’m thinking about abandoning my blog and posting only at my livejournal. Should I do that? I know a bunch of people have already done it, but something is blocking me, and I can’t really describe it. I might feel guilty about it or I just don’t want to leave it alone. I’ve been crossposting a lot of things, and I don’t want to do that forever, either. I don’t even know that people still check the blog, but I’ve had it for so many years! But I don’t write as much as I used to, so maybe I shouldn’t complain about crossposting. Oh, what to do…

Cinema Corner
Ideally, I would have written about each Netflix movie I’ve ever seen, but that never happened, now did it? It wouldn’t have benefited anyone, but it would have been good, somehow. Alas! But this time I shall write of two recently viewed movies.

Urban Legends 3: Bloody Mary
First let me say that I really liked Urban Legend. It was released after Scream and shortly after I Know What You Did Last Summer, but I group it with them, because it was a very Hollywooded up 1990s horror film. It got less attention that those other two, but it was my favorite of the three. Recently, I also saw Urban Legends 2: Final Cut. The sequel was pretty bad. It was way way overdone and over-the-top crazy. I liked some of the legends that they used, but it was just too... not good enough.

Okay, so that said, I really enjoyed the third movie. Probably not as much as the first, but it was a lot better than the second, which wasn’t hard. It was less Hollywood-looking, the cast was smaller, the motives were less crazy. Okay, the second one had better special effects, but this one was straight to video, so I guess I can’t have everything. It also used some nice urban legends, too. The subtitle, “Bloody Mary” was a little misleading. I mean there was a Ring-like storyline involving a Mary who was somewhat bloody, but it really had little to do with what it might sound like. I guess that’s okay, though. I also have to give them props for mentioning how the Bloody Mary legend was something like Candyman. Candyman references are always good, and this movie didn’t really go in that direction, which would have been typical. But like I said, it went in more of a Ring direction. So yes, it was much better, and less cheesy, than the second.

Last night, Nathan and I watched Polyester. I feel like a huge jerk for not having watched this years and years ago. I thought it was great. Hell, I thought it was one of the best John Waters movies I’ve ever seen, at least definitely in the top two or three. I don’t want to say much more about it, because that would just be crazy gushing, but I thought it was really excellent. I loved Divine in it, and I just plain love Divine. I love how he delivered his lines (also something I loved about Pink Flamingos), and how he played women. Bah, I just loved Divine, you know? Divine was all about dignity and being over-the-top (in a good way) both at once, even while doing something disgusting (like in Pink Flamingos). But in general, I think that one thing I like about all John Waters movies is the dialogue. Not enough movies refer to “G-rated movies” and “juvenile delinquents,” you know? I’ve really enjoyed all three (Pink Flamingos, Crybaby, and Cecil B. Demented) of the John Waters commentaries that I’ve heard, so I am absolutely going to listen to this one before I put it back in the mail.

Waugh, I mentioned Polyester, and I didn't even say anything about Cuddles. Cuddles was Awesome.

Oh, I should also mention that I had a decent Valentine’s Day. I got a lot of candy, and Nathan gave me a pretty jade and peridot necklace, a Franz Ferdinand CD, and that new Tori Amos video collection. Yay!

And while I'm mentioning things that I should have mentioned already, last Sunday, we went to a burlesque show, and that was a lot of fun, too.

And and and I also want to roll back the calendar to the 7th, because I wanted to say happy birthday to erin. I hope it was good! I didn't forget. I'm just a jerk is all.

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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Stuff and things.

1. I’m not on any Arrested Development communities, and maybe you aren’t either, so I will share. My uncle told me about Fox getting a jeer of the Cheers & Jeers variety from TV Guide. And so I copy from the weird, new magazine-sized TV Guide:

Jeers to Fox for dumping the final four episodes of Arrested Development on a Friday night—opposite the Winter Olympics opening ceremonies. The network will air a two-hour block of the brilliant-but-doomed sitcom on February 10 (including the delayed episode guest-starring Jason Bateman’s sister, Justine). Considering that Arrested will go up against the eternally popular lighting of the Olympic torch, this brings new meaning to "burning off episodes."

Stupid stupid Fox will never know what they have with that show. Set your VCRs everybody. I know it’s not likely that I’ll remember to watch at that day and time, and if I miss it, I will cry the bitterest of tears.

2. Dorothea was so appalled by a particular Barbie doll that she bought it for me the other day. When we were in our younger teens, we used to go to the toy department of stores and remark on the sad state of Barbies, but this one so took the cake that I now own it. {g} It’s a My Bling Bling Barbie. Specifically, it's a My Bling Bling My Scene Barbie; the purpose of My Scene Barbies, I suspect, is to give the inexplicably popular Bratz dolls a run for their money, by remaking Barbies with bigger heads and bitchier expressions. Please take a look at it on Amazon. While you’re there, also look at how her friends are dressed. Dorothea got me the Barbie doll that’s actually Barbie, because she’s dressed worse than her three friends. You should also check out the customer reviews (such as "Thatz odd she lookz like Cloe from Bratz witch rock like marshmellowz so deal with it!!!!! Love Julia!")*. Here’s what the back of the box says:

Barbie, Madison, Chelsea, and Nolee are livin’ the ultimate celebrity lifestyle! We’re talkin’ totally blinged-out jewelry, super fabulous fashions, and a slammin’ silver ride with sparkling detail. Girl, with a life this good, you gotta love My Bling Bling!

Each doll also comes with a "Ka-CHING! Bling RING for you!" Not only that, this doll also boasts a skirt so short that you can practically see her non-existent Barbie sparkly bling-gina. She even has a belly ring. As do two of her friends. I’m not sure if the black girl has a pierced belly, because she’s dressed more conservatively than the others and her belly is covered up. But I assume she has one underneath, like at least for the sake of conformity...? I haven’t opened the box yet. That’s the nerdy collector in me. But I’m so tempted, because I want to put her in the other outfit, a skimpy halter-dress thing to see if that’s better or worse. Better, I’m thinking. Oh, she also comes with a cell phone to further accentuate her awesome superstar lifestyle.

That’s blingrageous!

I’m also fascinated by the name Nolee. I have called Nathan that name more than once, and I mean prior to the revelation of this Nolee.

3. And finally, it’s that time of year again. The other night, I saw that skeezy, pervy, makes-me-feel-filthy-to-watch-it Vermont Teddy Bear commercial. Last year, Adam Corolla did the narration. But this time it was just some guy. Which made it filthier, I tell you. That commercial gives my television STDs, I swear. I love/hate the part where the guy is placing his order online, and he kind of nods his head in an "awwww, yeah… I’m gettin’ some" way. So dirty. And then they show the hottt ladeez talking, and one of them says, "I can’t wait to give him MY present." Ew ew ewwwwww.

Blech. Just go to Build-A-Bear for all of your exchanging-stuffed-animals-for-sexual-favors needs.

*That quote about Bratz rocking like "marshmellowz" sounds like some of the crazy crap that sarah finds on myspace. {g}

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Saturday, January 14, 2006

There's this show on the Trinity Broadcasting Newtowrk with Kirk Cameron and some British guy in it. Has anyone seen this? Each episode is about some Biblical topic that they introduce. Then they do this Jay Leno-ish thing where they talk to people out on the street and ask them questions in an attempt to make them look foolish and/or contradictory. Leno really only attempts to make people look foolish, when he does it. You know what I mean, right? Like when Leno goes out and shows someone a picture of someone, say Karl Rove, and people can't identify the person in the picture, but they can identify a picture of Cap'n Crunch, and the lesson is that people are stupid. I do not agree with this conclusion or method, by the way. But Kirk Cameron--actually, it's the British guy who goes out and talks to people. I guess Kirk is afraid people will hassle him and ask how Ben and Carol are or some crap. So yeah, the British guy goes out and asks people questions in an attempt to make them look foolish on camera.

In the last episode that I saw, the topic was something dealing with people who go to church and pretend they're religious, but then go out and very obviously do things in violation of their belief system. I, a staunch atheist, actually think this is a very good topic. If you think that hell is real, then you sure better do what you believe will keep you away from it, right? Otherwise, who are you impressing by telling that you are religious, when you are not so much? See, I don't believe in anything, so I can do what I want. {g} So anyway, they send out the British guy and he asks people if they believe in God and hell and they say yes and he asks them how they stay away from it. Most, if not all, say that the Ten Commandments (the actual listing, not the film, I GUESS. I'm not religious, remember?) will keep them out of hell. So he asks them to name as many as they can, they do, and then he asks if they hold to all of them. There's always at least one that they violate. So he then takes the opportunity to rub their faces in it, "What would you do if you died tonight? You'd go to hell!" and whatever. Again, I hate this Jay Leno approach to telling someone that you think their priorities are wrong. Oh, I also hate how they said that finding someone attractive is commmitting adultery with your mind, and you can go to hell for that. That's bogus. Lighten up, man! (God's a man, right? I mean, he has a beard, right? The one thing I know about God is that he has a beard, and I can't see a woman-god with a beard going over very well.) That shouldn't be illegal. Most of hte time, that's all you've got. Am I right or am I right?

So my point is that you can watch Mike Seaver tell us how we're all going to hell on TBN.

Quiz result time!

You scored as Edmund Pevensie.

Edmund Pevensie


Mr. Beaver


Mr. Tumnus




Peter Pevensie


Susan Pevensie


The White Witch


Lucy Pevensie




Mrs. Beaver




Which Chronicles of Narnia character are you most like?
created with

My first reaction to this is shock and surprise! But honestly, it probably is the best choice. I have unintentionally or even intentionally hurt people I love and then I feel like garbage about it afterward. There ya go. I shall learn from it and grow.

The rest of this post is about knitting, so you might want to just get away while you can.

For Christmas, I got Stitch 'N' Bitch from Nate's dad and Nate's dad's woman. I am excited about this, because I am extremely close to finishing my only other knitting book, Kids Knitting, which I chose, because learning to knit was really intimidating for me. The knitting method that's taught in Kids Knitting isn't specific to right- or left-handed people, says the book. It teaches you to just pick up the yarn and drop it again, after each stitch. So that's how I learned to knit. And knit, I did. Tonight, I might just finished my first sweater. But anyway, I've broken into Stitch 'N' Bitch already, and that book teaches actual knitting methods, English and Continental. According to the book, English is the most popular in this country. I tried it, and it felt really wrong to me, so I tried Continental and that, oddly, feels much more comfortable. I assume it's because it's closer to the adapted way I learned in the first book. Instead of dropping the yarn each time, I started to wind it around my left hand, sometimes. So yeah, I am a Continental knitter, even if it's unpopular or at least more common to the lefties and Germans. It's really important for my readers to know that I am not left-handed. Oh God, no! Me? Hell no! But German? Yes, somewhat, but I've been brought up to say "Pennsylvania Dutch" instead of German.

English knitting is really too out of control for me. I now realize that some lady on the bus was showing me English knitting awhile ago. There's a post about it in the archives someplace. On my way home from Philadelphia one day, this old lady thought my knitting was crazy or for left-handed people or both. She took my knitting away from me and showed me how she does it. She tucked it in her armpit and started knitting really quickly. It looked confusing to me. I can't do that. It's not in me. I think if I had been taught to knit that way, I'd never have learned in the first place.

Oh, in Stitch 'N' Bitch, they say that you can make patterns out of knits and purls. Their example is a heart-pattern, which I knitted Continentally and gave to my mom. Then I knit myself a picture of a Triforce. I'll post a picture of it, once I finally change the batteries in my camera.

Does anyone else who reads this knit? How do you do it?

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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Wuh. This Rufus Wainwright album (Want Two) has got me feeling all strange and depressed. It’s a very good album. Maybe my favorite? But I should probably relisten to the others before making such a claim.

Okay, maybe it isn’t the album that’s got me feeling strange and depressed, unless the album was a trigger or something. But something made me think of something I heard someone at school say about why same-sex marriage shouldn’t be legalized. So now that thought is floating around in my head and making me feel kind of bad in general. People can say ridiculously horrible things and not even realize it.

So onto other things…

New Year’s Eve was kind of good and kind of less good. The best part was seeing Erin. She had dinner with Nathan and me. This wasn’t really planned out too much, and was mostly last-minute on everyone’s part, but it made me happy. She is one of my favorite bowls of milk. She goes in the plus column. The first TMBG show also goes in the first plus column. But in the minus column, I must put the fact that the North Six let everyone in a full hour later than they were supposed to (it’s a good thing we got there kind of late, because I no longer wish to stand outside of buildings in the cold). But the setlist was pretty good, and I didn’t even mind being almost as far back as possible. At the end, they passed out lyrics to Auld Lang Syne, and even though it was only 10:something, we all sang it. To me, it honestly felt like the nicest New Year’s Eve moment possibly ever. I can’t really describe it, but it was emotional and warm and I felt a sense of togetherness with the audience (that’s something I don’t really feel much of, most of the time). Sadly, I must put the second show in the minus column. But first, I put the North Six in the minus column again, if that’s possible, because they made us all wait outside again for a long time, taking forever to check IDs and will-call lists. That show started at something like 11:57 instead of 11:30. Midnight happened, and we sang Auld Lang Syne again (I had my lyrics from the first show, and some guy saw them and exclaimed, “You have the lyrics?!” like I brought them from home, because I am such an Auld Lang Syne fanatic), but it was only a third as magical as it was the first time. It felt rushed. The entire second show was rushed, and I still blame North Six for this. But the setlist was almost exactly the same, and I blame TMBG for this. Oh well, I’m not feeling very cranky about it anymore.

On the PATH train home, I saw this pretty woman in a white, furry coat and pink gloves come onto the train with a creepy man. She took an empty seat near where I was standing and cried into her hands the whole time, while the guy just stood near her, not saying anything. I felt and still feel really bad for her. I will never know what that’s about, but I’m blaming the guy. Crying is bad enough, but being made to cry on a holiday, in public when you’re supposed to be having fun is just horrendous. The image of her curled up in her seat and quietly crying into her hands is burned into my brain.

More other things…

So far, I’ve worked ten hours/two days at my internship. I think I’ve mostly done well, aside from a couple things I could have done better. They’re very friendly, and it’s a nice place, so I want to please them and be a valuable worker. I hope they put me in the plus column.

I finally started watching my Arrested Development season 1 DVDs. I think I love that show more and more every second. And I now have a weird fondness for Buster.

Is it wrong of me to enjoy the Colbert Report far more than the Daily Show? Because that’s the way it’s going for me as of late. I never worked very hard to catch the Daily Show, but I find myself putting more effort into catching the Colbert Report. No offense to the Jon Stewart, of course. He’s in the plus column.

I now have shoulder-length hair. Good for me! The longer hair was holding me back from greatness. I can probably run faster now, too.

Last night, I had a nightmare about that new movie Hostel. All I know about it is that it’s a new horror movie that opens this weekend. I dreamt that I went to see it, and everyone was saying that while you’re watching the movie, someone sneaks up behind you and sticks a needle into the back of your head. I told everyone that that was just an urban legend, and even if it was true, that it only happened in Europe and Australia, so I was going to see it anyway. And I did, but I scrunched down really low in my seat. Then we all ran out of the theater for some reason and some other crap happened and I woke up.

I wish to knit myself a Michael Nesmith-style, green wool hat. I’ve been looking for a pattern or at least a decent picture. I’m really shooting for accuracy here. I mean, if I get it wrong (suppose I make it all in stockinette, when it’s really 1x1 ribbing or something?), then I’ll have random passersby telling me what I jackass I’ve been, youknowwhatI’msayin’? I don’t need that in my life.

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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Woo. I am so bored that I'm actually posting something. Wee-oo.

No one remembers my last post, but I feel the need to follow up on a part of it. I mentioned a little something about going to a holiday dinner at the house of one of the people I do work study for. It turned out to be really nice and cozy. I was nervous about going, but I had a good time, and the food was really good. I'm very glad I went.

The semester is now over, obviously, and three out of five of my grades have been posted. This means that I am now halfway to my degree. Three semesters down and three to go.

I got an internship! It's at the place that was my first choice. It's a small place near home and school, and everyone is nice. I start next week, and I'll be working for ten hours each week, for now, anyway. I'm happy, excited, nervous, and eager about it.

I saw Chronicles of Narnia a couple weeks ago, and I think it was quite nicely done and faithful to the book.

I was touched and flattered last week, when I came in to do work study, and someone I work with gave me a very cool present. A Mega Man action figure. :) I must pick up a little something nice for him in New York this weekend, if possible.

Christmas and Christmas Eve were nice. Some things I got:
- Arrested Development Season 1
- Brady Bunch Seasons 2, 3, and 4 (apparently, my mom would have bought me the first season as well, but it wasn't in stock at the time)
- Michael Nesmith CDs (shut up, I asked for them specifically)
- a Perez Prado CD
- Triggers by April March
- Want Two by Rufus Wainwright
- new sheets, a comforter (in red paisley, I picked it out), and an electric blanket
- a Pac-Man ghost t-shirt, some tops, a skirt, a striped sweater, and two cardigans
- a KMart bear (I get one every year)
- a necklace and earrings
- Al Franken's new book
- a daily calendar with a knitting pattern for each day
- candy, cocoa mix, bath stuff, and other assorted things of interest

I gave my mom and Uncle John 256 Mb mp3 players, and it is my job to load them and explain how to use them. I've been putting things on my mom's since yesterday. As I write this, a Dean Martin CD is loading onto it verrrry slowly. So far, they seem like nice players, and I'm hoping they prove to be useful.

That sweater I've been knitting? So far, I've made the front and back and half of one sleeve. It's the putting it together part that I dread. I hate finishing.

I feel like I had more to say. Is this all? I always feel this way after writing something after a long period of not writing.

Ah-ha, one more thing. I got a cute Christmas card from Quinn today. Thank you! :)

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Saturday, December 10, 2005

This week is going to crush me under its weight.

But before I get into that, I want to mention that I had a good time at that thingy I talked about in my last post. The food was really great, the house was so nice and cozy with a fire place and everything, and I chatted a little with some nice people. Good job, me.

So anyway, I will give $20 (US) to anyone who wants to come here and keep me on track this week. I feel like a whiny, procrastinating crybaby, so I will throw together a list of things that are making me a whiny, procrastinating crybaby.

Yesterday: There was a snow day and no classes. While I appreciated the extra sleep, it was overall a bad thing. That day was supposed to be the last regular meeting for three of my classes. Two of which would have had information about what to study for the final. And for the third, Organizational Behavior, we were going to do an in-class final. Since there was no class, we were emailed an assignment to do and hand in this coming Wednesday. If there had been class, then that would be over and out of the way, but now I have that to work on and hand in Wednesday plus a small paper to work on and hand in Wednesday, and then there’s the group presentation for that class meeting on Wednesday. Bleh.
Monday: Cost accounting final exam
Tuesday: I offered to volunteer in Philadelphia from 10am to 1pm. After that, I will walk up to Broad Street and find a particular location, so that I know where it is for Friday. This also means that I will be outside freezing, so I will also be getting a cold on Tuesday.
Wednesday: Final exams in finance, Organizational Behavior, and Spanish. For OB, the “final” is actually a group presentation and I have those other two things to hand in that day.
Thursday: Another accounting final, and hopefully a vet appointment for David, if I can get one.
Friday: Internship interview in Philadelphia.

So what I’m saying is that I need someone to come and help me stay on track by making me study and work on the written assignments and to jab me with a fork, when I decide that I should be watching TV and knitting or spending too much time reading my LJ friends page. {cry}

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Friday, December 02, 2005

Oh, you know today started out pleasant and optimistic for me, before I began to lose faith in the world. No, it’s not over anything important. It’s just that I can’t believe that I met not one, not two, but three people who did not know what a pegasus was. Is that strange? Am I being a snobby jerkface, like I have a habit of unintentionally doing or what? You can tell me if I’m in the wrong for thinking people should know this. I am trying to be better about that kind of thing, really. But I always knew what a pegasus was. The reason was largely due to My Little Pony. You had the regular pony, the unicorn, and the pegasus. I used to wonder if they were divided into classes or were prejudiced or something. Not in those words, exactly, but y’all know the pegasus has the advantage, right? Anyway, pegasus: common knowledge or not?

I had a decent Thanksgiving, and I finally saw Harry Potter on that day. Heh, I also saw my accounting professor at the movies that day. He saw me first, actually. It was kind of amusing. Overall I really enjoyed Goblet of Fire, even though I had a few minor quibbles. My uncle hasn’t seen it yet, so I’ll probably see it with him in the coming weeks. I’d like to give it a closer look. I'd also like to see Rent, because I it was so very hyped (ten years ago), and I want to see what that was all about.

This week, I had another interview. It seemed to go well, except that I was nervous and clumsy at first and nearly missed the chair. Derr. After that, I’d like to think things picked up. I want this one more than the others. I hope I can get it. Hope for me, people! Hopehopehope.

There’s only one more regular week of classes before finals, and I’ll get to finish up super early this year. My last final will be done on the 15th. Yay!

On Sunday, all of the student workers, including myself, are invited to dinner at the house of one of the secretaries. I’m going, but I’m a little nervous. I know a couple very nice people, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t fear that I’d be all alone in the corner. I really hope that goes well.

This week, Nathan and I got from Netflix. This is an HBO documentary about Internet hate sites. It was crazyland how much this one guy reminded me/us of Tom Hanks. I’m no fan of the Hankster, but he’d better be more open-minded than that. We also watched Eraserhead, which at first really irritated me, but then I kind of got into it and enjoyed it.

And what better place to hide a secret than out in the open? I’m thinking of buying a small capacity mp3 player for my mom and Uncle John for Annual Gift-Giving Day. I’m very satisfied with my own mp3 player, but I paid a pretty good deal for it and I have a bunch of CDs. But I obviously can’t spend that kind of money on gifts for them, and they have zero CDs. I’m wondering if a 256Mb player with a radio tuner would be good for them or if it’s too small or what. Hmm.

For my Spanish I class, everyone had to do this little report/brochure and speech about the Spanish-speaking country of their choice. I chose Uruguay. I learned a little about it, and now I yearn to go there.

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Sunday, November 20, 2005

I rarely post these days. Anyone notice that? No? Aww. I mean to. Just as I always have, I think of things to say on here, but then I never get to it. I waste my time in other ways. I'm also thinking of abandoning my blog and posting only to my livejournal from now on. I'm not sure if I should go ahead with that, like so many others have. On the one hand, I feel a sense of loyalty to my blog; I've had it for, what five years now? But livejournal is convenient. Most convenient is the friends page, so I feel that if I'm to read the friends page, I should contribute to someone else's friends page. But since I update so rarely, I might as well just post to both. For now, at least.

My birthday was decent, yet wildly uneventful. I got some nice things and had some nice birthday dinners. I'm 26 now. That feels weird to me. Weird to say and weird to be. Am I an old lady now? I really hope not. Being in classes filled with 20-year olds isn't helping me to feel young, either. Time, subtle thief of youth.*

I'm all registered for the spring semester. I dearly hope I can get an internship for the spring. I hope like crazy that I can do that. So far, I've had two interviews, but I have yet to hear back from either one; they should have their decisions pretty soon. And I have another interview lined up for December 1st. Hopefully some more of the places I recently applied to will want to talk to me as well. Strangely, I felt very calm and relaxed during my interviews; the nerve-wracking part is waiting to hear from them and wondering whom I'm up against.

Speaking of nervousy feelings, last night, I had two bad dreams. "Nightmare" seems like too strong a word for them. In the first, I learned that my cat, Wally, has ADHD. We took him to the private school for little girls (like in that Madeleine cartoon) that was just down the road from my house. It was called Dorothy's Prep School for Little Girls or something like that. So my uncle and I took Wally there, because it was the closest place to home, and this mildly attractive guy dressed all in black looked over Wally and ran some tests on him. Even though he was something like a school psychologist for little girls, we thought he'd know what was wrong with Wally. So one of the tests involved holding Wally over a bunch of cards with words on them and having Wally point to the cards in a certain order. From this, he learned that Wally had ADHD, because a person with ADHD would say a sentence like, "I pledge allegiance to the flag," and think that they made that line up on their own, and a person without ADHD would know they were quoting something. I guess Wally pointed to the cards in an order that made up a quote, and the guy thought Wally was attempting to make up something original. So I was super concerned, because I thought Wally would forget who I was (Yes, people, I know ADHD is nothing like that), and I voiced my concerns with the guy who had nothing comforting to say. But in the dream Wally was the same as ever, and I thought there was something wrong with him only because I was told there was. I bet there's a message in that. {g} Gaw, I spent enough time writing that out. :p

The other bad dream had to do with me taking the CPA exam and not knowing any of the answers. Not only that, I and some people from my accounting classes were taking all four parts at once, and I thought I was awesome enough not to need to prepare. But when we gathered in my living room to take it, I didn't know very many of the answers at all. Many of them had to do with yarn and questions about knitting. I felt like I knew about the knitting, but none of the answers I came up with corresponded to any of the multiple choice questions. So after completing the first part, I went to my accounting professor who was the one giving the test, and I told him I couldn't finish the test and that I would study for it or take a CPA exam course and try again in the fall.

Huge personal achievement: last weekend, I finished knitting a pair of socks. They are very warm. I am wearing them right now. They were done in cheap yarn, but I am far from a yarn snob and were made in 3x3 spiral ribbing. I am pleased. My next project will be a simple sweater, but I need to buy yarn before I can begin.

I haven't seen Harry Potter yet, and I'm not sure which day I can do that. It all depends on whether I wait til Nathan can see it with me or whether I choose to see it right away with my uncle. Hm. :

*I won't lie to y'all. I heard that line on Frasier, during my Frasier-obsessed teen years.

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Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

Now go here, and see Dewey's super scary Halloween costume!

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

My waiter at Ruby Tuesday's tonight reminded me of Mo Rocca.

Since we had to wait before being seated we went to that gourmet store and bought pumpkin butter and pumpkin soup mix. The pumpkin butter is good but a little runny; I hope refrigerating it will thicken it up some. I'm very excited about the pumpkin soup. It's something I've wanted to try ever since I'd heard of it years ago.

Right, so here's a lovely link for you all. This guy plays videogame music on the piano. I haven't gotten to download very much of it yet, but it's realty cool (even if you don't like videogame music...?) and extremely impressive. I think the Zelda stuff is particularly amazing. There's also Final Fantasy stuff on there for you nerdfaces. I would love it if he'd do some of the themes from Metroid. I find the music from The Legend of Zelda and Metroid to be really intense and atmospheric. For Metroid, I'm talking about a scary atmosphere. {g}

Lemme just take a minute to whine about something here. My Organizational Behavior class is very groupwork-oriented (bleh). In this case, the groups were assigned, and we had to do an in-class assignment dealing with our plans for our big project and how we were going to work together, split up work, and deal with problems. One guy on my team is always grumbling about, "let's hurry this up and get out of here," the very second we move our seats closer together to work. Now, I used to be someone who was afraid to volunteer suggestions and stuff, but I'm getting better about it. However, having someone who keeps saying that in your group kind of makes you feel like maybe your suggestions are unwanted, because who cares about anything when there's a football game tonight? One of the things we had to do was make up a team name. Our team's name is OWEN. Why? I came up with it, because it's made up of the first initial of each out our last names. Honestly, it was a very safe suggestion. Actually, it was the only suggestion. But being put in a "let's hurry the hell up" climate made me not want to suggest what I desperately wanted to call our team. :( Things would be a million times more excellent, if we could have been called the Turbo Ninjas. {sigh}

(And don't y'all tell me that's inappropriate for a business class. One of the other teams is called Big Unit.)

Okay, so out of the two or three of you who read this, have any of you ever met cool people and you kinda wished you could hang out with them but you didn't know how to go about that? I will clarify, but I don't want to say too much, because I'm a paranouid/nervous egg and want to prevent googlings and such, nor do I want to do a locked LJ entry. So at school, I'm around these two people. For the most part, we all met at the same time, give or take, and we joke around and are relaxed around each other and it's a lot of fun. However, the two of them have taken to hanging out outside of school. I feel kind of left out that they started doing that and I don't get to, y'know? They, particularly the one, might well be the closest I've ever gotten to having a college friend (not that this person is even aware of that). I stink at making friends. I don't know how it's done. I envy people who can make friends easily, I really do. I bring this up, because on Friday, person A came in and talked to me and person B. Then person A asked person B if person B wanted to do anything later on in the evening. I felt a little sad and left out because I was not asked. Of course, even if I were, I would have had to way no, because I was going to see the New Pornographers that night. But I dunno. Maybe I should just, like, initiate it my own self, since they don't make me feel nervous. Maybe? Or maybe I shouldn't worry about it at all. Blar.

So the New Pornographers were pretty excellent. My feet hurt, and that was the opposite of excellent, but they put on a really good show. It helped me to decide that "The Bleeding Heart Show" is the best track off of Twin Cinema. I bought a shirt with a panda on it. After the show, Nathan very barely caught his train. I, on the other hand, had an hour-long wait to get my bus. There was a sushi and bar place next to the venue. I thought maybe I could get some sushi, so I went inside, but they weren't serving food anymore, just drinks. So I did something I've never done before. I went to the bar and had a drink by myself. I got a long island ice tea, which was a mistake. I'm really cheap, so I wasn't very happy about paying $7 for one small drink; and the drink was very good (and I very thirsty), so I finished it very quickly. In hindsight, I should have gotten a beer, because it would have taken longer to drink and cost me a lot less. It was kind of an odd experience for me. I really never go to bars (alas), much less go to them alone. It wasn't a bad experience, certainly, but I kept comparing myself to Norm from Cheers. I was sitting there at the corner seat of the bar, hunched over my (empty) drink; Norm was an accountant, at least for part of the series, and I am a potential accountant. Weird.

Uh, so anyway...

My dog's Halloween costume will scare the hell out of you all, so look for it at the end of the month, assuming I can have it finished in time.

Another thing that will scare the hell out of you all is the documentary entitled Hell House. Please watch it, if you can. A hell house, if you don't know, is basically a haunted house set up by a church. You purchase a ticket and walk through it. The difference is that hell houses are full of scenarios that are made to realize that you're a filthy sinner and are going to hell. Unless you change. The documentary was about a Texas church and the process of setting up the hell house, from the brainstorming session and auditions all the way up through the construction and execution of it. I found it very scary and offensive. I was stunned how backwards and (often hilariously) misinformed the people who make these things can be. Nathan and I watched it Thursday night, and I thought it was so nuts that I talked Dorothea into watching it with me on Friday night. It baffles me how these people are very much against bloody horror films (that I so love), because of the violent and evil ideas therein, but they can come up with these scenes about gang rape and such. Yikes. Did I mention that they're Pentecostals? 'Cause they are. Complete with speaking in tongues. Yikes.

Oh, I should get back to work, eh?

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Monday, October 10, 2005

In lieu of writing an entry with actual content, I'm just going to do that "google '(your name) needs' thing." I shall bold the ones I like.

1. beth needs a path.
2. Beth needs to get a life of her own and she needs to
stop trying to have Sheridans life

3. Beth needs your vote at!
4. Beth needs a first-floor bedroom because her stroke has caused ongoing vision and balance problems
5. Beth needs to realize that she has a problem. ... Beth needs to look within at
what she is believing about her weight, food, and exercise.
6. Beth needs to stop it already with the lies. ... I think Beth needs to get
7. Beth's needs and the cost was yet again out of my budget.
8. Beth needs a job. Beth needs to go back to school. Beth needs to get out of the
9. Beth needs information that flows from many sources.
10. Beth needs approval and lots of it
11. Beth needs a copy of Solomon installed on her Shands computer.
12. Beth needs prayer!
13. Beth needs to set aside money for taxes.
14. Beth needs to help her get the most out of high school.
15. Beth needs as well as the need for possible follow-up surgeries
16. As part of the admissions procedure, the de Paul's assessment team used specific
tests to determine whether de Paul was a good match for Beth's needs. (I did not search for "Beth's needs"!)
17. I think Beth needs to retract her statements about not traveling to Aruba
18. Beth needs to be home with me and we need to get our family back together.
19. Beth needs to come chill. Beth will probably not. I want to be Beth's Friend.
... Beth needs to be queen. Beth will always be awesome.

20. Beth needs Jed's assistance.

I finally tried one of those lattes at Wawa. I got a caramel latte, and it really wasn't to my liking. It had a funny aftertaste, and it felt like it left a waxy coat on my tongue or something. I will try a latte of a different flavor before I write them off.

Spider Solitaire keeps kicking me in the crotch (FIGURATIVELY!). I can't even win on medium!

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Monday, October 03, 2005

I'm updating (more like "reformatting") my resume, so that it can be critiqued as part of my finance class. It's a bummer, because it reminds me of how little work experience I've had for someone my age. I've been a student worker for the past year, but I feel like they (as in hiring people) might not want to count that as "real" experience.

For quite some time now, my monitor has been in the habit of getting really dim and then brightening back to normal. But now it's staying dim and hard to read for far longer. It's no real problem in that if it konks out, I can just use Nathan's old one. But I like mine. It's bigger, and it's the one I got, when I got my first ever computer in 1998. It's seventh birthday (I mean, since I bought it) is actually at the end of this week.

Oh yeah, said the Kool Aid Man, my real point with entry this was to talk about how I saw The Baxter this past Thursday. Nolan and I finished volunteering really early and we walked on over to the Ritz to see it. I expected to like it, and I really liked it. I mean, I didn't looooove it, but I definitely thought it was a sweet, cute movie. It was funny, but I probably laugh more and louder at one episode of Stella than I did at this entire movie. But that's okay, because it really isn't that kind of movie. Michael Showalter was really fantastic, and I liked that he was a CPA. :) And I really loved David Wain and his character.

When I came home that afternoon, I checked my email and found the newest edition of my school's schooly newspaper. I was surprised to see that someone from my school actually wrote a review of The Baxter. You may find it here. While I appreciate the overall positive rating, the article pisses me big time. Don't read it unless you have seen the movie or never will see it. It's spoilery. It contains some factual errors. The absolute hugest of which would be calling David Wain's character an "ugly nerd." omgwtfokasdnfpoije0d5jdf09wurO_O I mean WHAT? I should write a rebuttal called "Wain Sexy, Critics Jealous," but y'know... The writer seemed to be most interested in Michael Ian Black. Now, hey, I love Michael Ian Black, but that's so common. {g} I was elbowing Nathan, saying, "That's Joe Lo Truglio!" Also, in watching the movie, I most identified with the baxter(s) and felt like this was a movie made for baxters. So I find it quite baffling that the writer seems to think baxters are weird. And I'm not someone who would read the dictionary, but aside from that, I don't think there was anything particularly strange or wrong with Elliot. I would totally date Elliot. Meh. At least she liked the movie.

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